We've tried meeting with other financial advisors / coaches, we've tried apps and websites such as MINT and YNAB (you need a budget). We always felt lost using those other options with no real guidance. The Verdi approach feels different because it holds us accountable for our actions! Also - having a neutral 3rd party available to answer questions is great! Kara and I discuss things with each other but having Caroline available to answer questions holds us accountable as well.



I've tracked my own bills in the past to make sure I pay them all, but tracking my daily expenses has made me so much more aware of what I'm actually spending day to day.

The difference between the Verdi approach and everything else I've tried is that it's non-judgmental, realistic, and considers the value of not just what things cost, but how they impact my life in an emotional way. Money and spending can be an emotional thing, and Verdi recognizes that and takes out the drama, and the pressure I put on myself. The answer isn't that I need to cut out all the expenses that seem unnecessary (vacations, dining out, yoga classes, etc), but if they contribute to my quality of life and happiness, there are ways to evaluate and adjust my spending so I can fit these things into my life & budget without having to feel guilty about it!



Absolutely life changing. I know that sounds super extra but it really puts your spending in a perspective that doesn't feel other worldly, which lets be real, finance is like its own planet.

It takes off this massive personal burden I feel like people put on themselves about finance. I feel like we expect ourselves to have "known better" and harbor onto this weird attachment that finance is a one way street.

There's this fad and even streamline of thought that finance has to be extreme with the do or die mantra. There's only so many boiled potatoes you can eat to save that extra $5.00.

The Verdi approach lets you know that if things happen and if one month doesn't go perfectly or as planned it's not the end of the world. Also simultaneously, keeping you in check with those goals and being actually realistic about those goals.

Verdi has definitely made my fear of personal finance lessen.

Verdi puts your spending in your face like a nice hug. It blew my mind how much I spend on craptastic foods, but also made me feel great that my spending wasn't as out of control as I just assumed of myself because I enjoy a tea here and there.