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I began my career as a high school social studies teacher and accidentally fell in love with financial literacy after being asked (er, forced) to teach a course on the subject. Through that experience I realized that 1) My own finances were a mess and 2) Learning about money can be fun if it is approached through a lens of forgiveness, love and empowerment. I absolutely loved teaching high school, but after 5 years of brutal hours, little pay and no emotional capacity left in my tank, I knew that I wanted the opportunity to expand outside of the four walls of my classroom. From there I went back to grad school, got my MBA & worked in traditional financial advising. In 2018 I officially launched Verdi with the goal to help others find their own paths to financial success and, ultimately, their own paths towards creating financial equality in our society. 

I freaking LOVE what I do, but I also believe in the importance of taking breaks, unwinding and fueling my soul (although TBH Verdi fuels the heck out of my soul). My personal favorite ways of kicking back are going on massive city exploration runs, sweating my butt off in hot yoga, reading a good novel on my balcony with a glass of rose and eating all the sushi I can find. 

Iā€™m so thrilled you are here and I cannot wait to build a new financial reality with you!